The TOTAL FLAME brand has arisen on the wave of interest in motorbike culture, having found an unoccupied niche: ‘cigars for bikers’.
TOTAL FLAME slogan rhymes the image of the road and life – ‘Life is short, do it hard!’ The main focus group has shown that the evident irony of the brand is easy to read. 
Therefore, the biker environment launched the theme of life ‘on wheels’ to the masses.

The idea of the road lies in the life history of the TOTAL FLAME brand. It started with a tour round the world made by the founder
of the brand on his Harley-Davidson motorbike in search for tobacco for cigars.
5 continents and 36 countries during 8-month journey. The search for tobacco led to the Caribbean region.
The camera recorded the stages of the journey.
The exotic video sequence formed the 20-series film ‘The Russian Bikes’.


Within the tobacco market dynamics, online existence is the only possible form for TOTAL FLAME. The form gives birth for content.
It is not only the participation in prestigious exhibitions, big festivals and business programs.
TOTAL FLAME introduces its own tactics into the ordinary marketing strategies.
Once declared ‘Life is short, do it hard!’ the brand advertises this content in every possible way.
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